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Because bonding is cleaner and more efficient

With more and more compact devices that are composed of different materials, adhesive technology is an indispensable method of connection in the electrical industry. As a cold, non-cutting method, the bonding technique has clear advantage over screws, rivets, clinching or soldering:

  • connects any compounds of plastic, metal, ceramic, glass or coated materials possible
  • no thermally induced formation of coarse grains and embrittlement
  • no material default or material weakening by drilling
  • improved economy

Discover almost unlimited applications with our custom-designed adhesive die-cut parts. For prototypes, also our high-precision laser-cut components are recommended. Our specialist advisers will be happy to inform you.


With various products of the leading brands in the product range, we are bound to find a tailor-made solution for your application - and if it does not yet exist, develop our electronic specialists with our partners the perfect solution.

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