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Our guidelines for better performance

In order to continue to be your versatile service provider for glueing, cutting, stamping, laser cutting and printing, OM-Klebetechnik is constantly evolving. Our value proposition to you involves:


  • professional vendor-neutral advice for the best individual solution
  • development of customized products on demand
  • service- oriented, flexibility and reliability in the production
  • benefits of efficiency synergies in a wide service spectrum
  • observance of higher quality standards

Progress with responsibility

Healthy growth should be economically and environmentally sustainable. For us, this means to progress with respect to efficiency, innovation, and regional as well as global responsibility. Therefore, we rely on:

  • fair conditions as well as qualified education and training for our employees
  • rational integration of regional service providers at our locations
  • climate-neutral product alternatives in the assortment
  • energy-saving internal processes (eg, high-energy piles with Terra Cool technology to cool the printing machines - For this project we have been awarded by the DENA with the best practice energy efficiency label in February 2015)


Our guidelines are

  • Strict compliance with all environmentally relevant applicable laws and obligations as well as other standards such as administrative or government requirements.
  • Determination of ecological and quality-related demands of our customers through dialogues in order to be able to consider their individual preferences.
  • Constant improvement of the environment-related services within our company, which also means better pollution avoidance and reduction in use of resources.
  • Constant advancement of the ecological and quality awareness of our employees through trainings and further education in various fields of our company.
  • Consideration of environmental compatibility concerning the usage and disposal already during the purchasing process.
  • Assessment of potential environmental impact already before the modification of processes, products, and services.
  • Early involvement of our suppliers and in-house service providers into resource and environmental management processes and the associated constant improvements.
  • Goal-oriented collection of environmental data and identification of relevant key figures (water consumption, effluent water, gas, electricity) in order to assess efficiency.
  • Derivation of goals and specific measures suitable for the realisation in environment and quality programs that comply with this corporate policy.
  • Assessment of our corporate policy with regard to adequacy at regular intervals and revision in case of changed conditions and insights.


April 2015

The Execuitive Board



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