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As a partner in the "Cluster Automotive Bayern Innovativ", OM-Klebetechnik knows the technology and high standards of the automotive industry. Already today, our custom bonding joints and die-cut parts help suppliers and manufacturers to improve safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of many vehicles. For example, at the onset of window panes and attachments or in door gaskets.

Plan with our professional advisers the properties of special products exactly for your needs:

  • permanent carrying of loads
  • resistant to mechanical stress such as stretching or moving
  • resistance against humidity or applied substances in
  • weight reduction to improve the energy-efficiency

In addition, our cost-effective alternatives to the clips, clamps, rivets, screws and welding offer many positive side effects:

  • compensation of unevenness
  • protection of surfaces
  • additional sealing function and insulation effect
  • reduced risk of corrosion
  • reduced energy consumption and therefore less environmental impact


With various products of the leading brands in the product range, we are bound to find a tailor-made solution for your application - and if it does not yet exist, develop our automotive specialists with our partners the perfect solution.

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